Tuesday, February 24, 2009

somebody just tagged me 6 times!

Those that i want to tag for this one are ;

1. muhammad J.
2. anak pkck zairul (yg ke-4)
3. mud
4. joehari
5. anak jamhari jamaluddin
6. ahmuD

1) What do you know about 1?
~his name is muhammad J. [pron. muhammad Jey]

2) What would you do if you never meet 2?
~i die

3) What would you do if 3 & 4 date you?
~what are you craZy?

4) Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
~i'm not sure, i need to check with them

5) Do you know everything about 3's family?

6) Tell me something about 6
~his name spell with an 'u' instead of letter 'a' [pron. ahmad]

7) What language does 2 speak?
~for sure its not spain

8) Who is 3 going out with?
~wohoho, a real magician never tell they secret's!

9) How old is 4?
~still young

10) 5?
~its the same guy, lmao. (the answer is the same with no 9 ques.)

11) Who is 6's fav singer?
~Barbara O'Neil (is he or she?)

12) 1?
~Reshmonu (hahaha)

13) Is 4 single?
~oh no!he's fully booked

14) What is 3 last name?
~ibnu zainal abidin

15) What u consider being in relationship with 1?
~being my self

16) What are u talking about?

17) What school did 2 go to?
~school of studies

*pron. = pronounce = how do you pronounce it.


Try to be secretive said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
muhammad joehari bin jamhari jamaluddin™ said...

ah, nampaknya ade yg phm apa itu pron., begitu menyesal rasanya saya tulis sehinggakan salah, terima kasih dan maaf.

rubbish?cool huh?hahaha

Try to be secretive said...

hey, i'm truly sorry...honestly, sy xphm mnde pron2 uh...bile tgk * kecik kt bwh uh, baru phm...len kali sbut awl2...

so, u accept my apology? :-)

muhammad joehari bin jamhari jamaluddin® said...

lor, no big deal, and yes i accept your proposal,tbe,hahahaha

Keyrana said...

haha teng! smart r blog ko. tahpape la weh citer diri sendiri. haha

Anonymous said...

salam. ade org kate tuan punye blog ni jual hp? mane post tersebut ye? nak tengok jap.

muhammad joehari bin jamhari jamaluddin said...

ade².itu linknye..


or scroll down the blog and you will find it.

Anonymous said...

salam.pkck zairul ad blog x? tgk dy kt mjlh i ckp psl palestin. hebat woh!

nothinginthisworld said...

salam, pe cite blog ni? xupdate pun.. pemiliknye masih wujud ka? kate "duniainianaempunya"?