Wednesday, February 18, 2009

do we need it or its what we need?


history never change and cannot be change.
but the future remains mystery for us but it can still be change.

"Change We Need!" Says Obama. (Year 2008)
"Its Time To Change" Says Anwar. (Early 2008)

and what did Maroon 5 said in they song
(Album: It Wont Be Soon Before Long - Track no. : 08 - Title: Goodnight Goodnight)

"Something's Gotta Change,
Things Cannot Stay The Same.."

but what did Cat Steven says in his 1970 on his album 'Tea for teh Tillerman'?

"Its not time to make change,
just relax take it easy..."

but that is 39 years back.

i agree we need to change now days, but the question is from what to what? the world is changing it self, from peace to war. from RM2.** per litre for petrol to RM1.8 per litre. and off course everybody is going to change, from young to old. from old to older. for me, i need to change from better to the beSt!

i wonder..what will happen to me if i change?did i have to change? or i am good being me like this rite now? ive try to think and think, but i still didnt get the answer. "People around you are mirrors to your self". i heard that sentence few years back when i was around 15, and it was from my teacher. Credit to Mlmh Rohida. she said thoose words on her speech at the celebration of sumtin on friday when i was still in the school age. well its actually not a speech but she was reading some kinda poem or sumtin. the poem title was 'mirror'. she said that 'people around us are like a mirror, they reflects back our image, they tell us how our attitude are and so and so..' it is a nice poem by the way.

theres another words that i remember, if i not mistaken it is something like this..

"..treat people how you want they to treat you..".

something close enough. the point is over here, you!that are reading this article, can you be my mirror so that i know if i need to change or not?
tell me how do i treat people around me? and most important is how do i treat you?

so, do tell me something.

"We Are One Nation. We Are One People and Our Time For Change Has Come" (from obamas T-shirt;


4786 said...

adusz. poyo gak this post. nway. i think u must change. include me. we've change a lot. we must change. ya! change!ok. gudluck on your changing..

Try to be secretive said...

Ms 4786 in disguise~(BUSTED!!)

Hm..u got gud memory..(tgh bwt penilaian..)..gud credit(utk siape??).TT

Wanna change/not? u dcide..nta, pokokny...mmg kne ubah laa in any way...ap2 j...jd chef yg b'kbolehn ke...(is it a lucky guest??)haha...peace~

muhammad joehari bin jamhari jamaluddin said...

credit utk sape? its for your mom,its not for you bunge ros merah.haha