Sunday, February 15, 2009

i have nine(9) hearts, how bout you?

a broken heart is just like a broken wings for the birds.

they use to be flying around the blue sky..
the ups and downs..

freely!with cheers and no tears..
nicely, with the style of flying..
(im talking bout burung layang², they use to fly like a F-14 or sumtin)
happily,with friends and family..

but once the heart is broken (the wings of the bird),
it is a begining of a new story..

no more flying in the sky..
no more cheers in the eyes,
only the true friends will step by,
and the family will gone for they life's..

and now leave the bird with the broken wings alone,
just do what he can and say no words.
while the friends of it having fun with they own business,
while the broken wing bird trying to start a new life with a new wings?
But how?Can a bird do that?
i didnt take Biology, not even science so i dont know.
Can the wings really grow back?
who cares anyway, the wings is already once broken
(8 remains,not including the uninclude once),
im sorry.

This is not a poem written by William Shakespeare,
it is not a story from one of the books in MPH,
it is not a words from the Hallmark cards,
it is not an article from The Star,
it is not an email from Yahoo!mail,
it is not from anywhere.
it is a post from a blogger.


snylo said...

so honest...

n i can see the originality.. usually, if it's from somewhere else, they had edited it first beforehand, here it just seems so raw :P hehehe. whatever it is, it's the effort that counts, isn't it? :)

hmm, actually, i've surfed ur blog b4 but i'm puzzled of who's the owner. i mean, the name's absolutely different...

n i'm occasionally writes in japanese, i'm learning japanese, that's why. feel free to ask if you don't understand a thing of what i write. :D

muhammad joehari bin jamhari jamaluddin said...

nice!oh,makaseyh sbb mmbaca and mengusha blog ini. mmg sahaja saya meletakkan nama lain,tp gmba dah betul dah.haha

yang_best said...

wah2...dah broken heart skrg...hahha!

muhammad joehari bin jamhari jamaluddin said...

waah..da mule dpt internet dah makcik ni.