Tuesday, January 20, 2009


today i want to write something new,
something i usually never do..
something special..

something la,
usually i never write in here,
but theres one girl,
shes not really a girl actually,
shes old enough already,
like a women,
i think its better to call her makcik.heh
she always and always the bising bcoz my blog is like this and like that.

i dont want to make it like a diary or something close to it,
i make my blog just for fun
(look!there is non of my name in this blog anyway),
to raise money.
and a place to hang around when theres nothing to do while online
(usually i have something to do).
so today im going to laugh and laugh and laugh,
bcoz at last after the years of doing some research,
and dig...
and brainstorming,
and finally...jeng3!

i found the blog that i want to look and see,
oh mama to sarah,
thanks for using this Lenovo atas meja bilik umy abah.
it is very nice kn?
i manage to find the secret link of yours.

tata sarahun!nk g klas.hahahaha.
jgn lupe klik kt tepi² tu time kamu di office ye?

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