Friday, August 1, 2008

which one is the one?

Clip Club is a .... ?
ask aunt niman Z,

-the first simple logo of the cC stlye. its a free style!

-next?not this one actually, its the other one, but it cant be upload, dunno y..

this one is the 3rd one after that aunty (niman Z) like aunty rossie noisy:noisy:noisy want like that, do like this and like thoose...

-and this one is the 3rd 2nd part, or part B? after several brain storming + raining till flood on my brain

so which one is the better and nicer and very, very nice one??

my answer is....evrything that i dsign is nice!

*oOps! sry dah terletak kt blog.


1 comment:

Iman said...

woi!! haha..x kua pon gambar lagi satu tuh...haha dh jumpe blog...

ni blog ke website ke-2 youtube..hahaha