Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it has been a while..

well, well, well...it has been a while ive stop writting at this blog, probably the blog want some nap or maybe the blogger, want some sleep. who knows?
talking bout writting a new post, i want to talk bout the program that was held by 'PROTES'. that was a few days back program. as the newspaper said that the program was not very succesfull b'coz there was some incident happen at the evening. while najib said that the program was not succesfull b'coz the number of people that where there was not as many as the program coordinator wants it, that was a mil. well, as u can read at the newspaper the next day after the program was held, that is monday if i not mistaken, the number of people that was there is around 5K to 10K only, and as najib told to the press, it was only the hardcore people from the party that come that day.

look at this way, the program was made at one of the local football stadium at Kelana Jaya. ofcos it was not an olimpik siaz stadium, but still a stadium, and as we know, one local stadium can be place 22 football players at one time and at that time, they can kick the ball from one side to the other. u can imagine how big is a stadium dont ya?in this case, u can look at the picture below how many people that come that day at the field and not include the people that was seating at the stage side. yeah,i didnt capt the picture of the people that was seating at the stage side bcoz i was seating beside Datuk Seri :D

have u count it? thats the truth!

" trust everybody except who has evil inside them(Kerajaan BN) ! "

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